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HAPPENING NOW: Trump Commission Meeting to Restrict YOUR Voting Rights

15 September, 2017, 00:52 | Author: Kristen Ingram
  • Donald Trump

Kris Kobach, a Republican who is the secretary of state in the Midwestern state of Kansas, discussed the commission's work after meetings in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Gardner blasted Kobach for arriving with "preconceived, preordained ideas about what the facts are going to turn out to be".

As the meeting got underway Tuesday, Kobach said he will address that issue further, as will Gardner. "And it is real and valid", Gardner told Kobach as a small audience applauded Gardner's comment. Yet, in the recent finding, as of August 30, which is 10 months following the local senate elections, "only 1,014 of the 6,540 same-day registrants who registered with an out-of-state license had obtained a New Hampshire driver's license".

Trump formed the commission to support his professed belief that his presidential opponent previous year, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, won millions of votes from people who were not authorized to vote, had not properly registered as voters or voted multiple times.

"If those 6,540 voters were bona fide New Hampshire residents, they would get their driver's license no later than January 7, 2017".

Despite all of this, The Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog found no unusual turnout surges in 2016 that might be explained by buses from MA, and Former New Hampshire GOP chair Fergus Cullen dismissed the claim, calling it as old as buses themselves in an interview with USA Today.

New Hampshire Public Radio reported in February that the majority of registrations with out-of-state driver's licenses occurred in towns that are home to colleges and universities.

Kobach acknowledged that the issue was "complicated" and said more research needed to be done.

Kobach somewhat backed off his op-ed, saying he "struggled with the words - what verbs to use".

Logan Churchwell, spokesman for Public Interest Legal Foundation, which investigates voter fraud, said Jasper's numbers bolster his group's findings that many people vote in New Hampshire without proof of residence. "College students quickly came forward to say they'd voted legitimately using out-of-state licenses".

The New Hampshire Democratic Party and the League of Women Voters challenged these penalties as an infringement upon the state constitution, which protects voting rights. Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (D) described the column, which stated that Hassan's race was "stolen through voter fraud", as "reckless", adding that there is "no connection between motor vehicle law and election law". Kobach serves as vice chairman of the 12-member commission.

Rather than admit his obvious biases, Kobach carps that "the mainstream media has ignored the problem of voter fraud and belittled those of us who are trying to do something about it".

Since 2013, proof of citizenship is required for voter registration.

Election experts both in the room and watching via livestream, meanwhile, pointed out that some presenters' credentials were dubious and their conclusions have already been debunked.

"[Jasper] selectively requested information about voters who registered with out-of-state licenses - an entirely legal and normal practice", Buckley contended, according to WMUR 9".

Some groups that saw an ideological motive in the Trump commission's work said they suspected it was trying to make voting more hard in many jurisdictions, and thus to discourage members of racial, ethnic or political minorities from casting their ballots - a process known as voter suppression. Trump's commission may be an unsubtle attempt to suppress Democratic votes - but even this White House doesn't have quite enough contempt for democratic norms to dispense with the pretense of nonpartisanship. This is just the first step in what we anticipate will be a lengthy process. In 2005, as the department was considering whether to approve Georgia's strict voter ID law under the Voting Rights Act, von Spakovsky published a law article praising voter ID laws under the pseudonym "Publius". "And I will not, either". But as he told the commission, the political battle over voting by out-of-state college students is no less intense. It could be taking a hard look at how to encourage states to explore virtually hack-proof vote-by-mail systems like the one OR uses.



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