Are You Sick as a Dog Despite Getting the Shot? Here's Why

13 December, 2017, 06:06 | Author: Inez Murphy
  • You keep hearing it's time to get your flu shot. But new research shows this year's vaccine isn't as effective as last year's

As we creep into the colder months, your chances of getting the flu increase.

Kern County reported two deaths past year associated with the flu, and had four severe cases.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advises people to get a flu vaccine by the end of October, but early December is still ahead of the typical flu season peak, which is usually between December and March.

Regardless, before alternative technologies become widely adopted, experts still encourage people to get the flu shots, even if it only offers 10% protection. This year, there have been no severe cases or related deaths, Corson said.

Through early December, 77 people admitted to the hospital have tested positive for the flu - almost 200 people have been tested due to their symptoms, according to the report.

The first flu-related death has been confirmed in CT.

And if you do get sick, stay home and rest. For that reason, again the CDC recommends getting the flu shot.

Remember that this flu season, it's not just about you-it's about friends, family and neighbors in your community.

While the symptoms remain similar from year to year, strains of the flu virus vary depending on where you live and how much the viruses have changed.

New figures from the Arizona Department of Health Services shows there already have been 1,143 cases so far this season. Flu shots are available at the Public Health Department on a walk-in basis during regular hours for $5.00.

"If folks have not gotten vaccinated, getting vaccinated is your best protection against the flu", Bolduc said.

"Historically, when this is the dominant strain that we're seeing, we tend to have a heavier flu season".

Right now, in North Idaho, flu cases are on the rise.

"That's a safety thing for both yourself and for the public", she said.

Richard Webby, PhD, is a member of the infectious disease department at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and one of a select group of scientists responsible for determining which flu vaccines will be put into circulation each year. The same vaccine is being used in the United States. More importantly, if you do still get the flu - even though you got a flu shot - you won't get as sick as you might have without it.

Does a flu shot actually give you the flu?

Influenza vaccines, also known as flu shots, are vaccines that protect against influenza. "What we're trying to is encourage people who have strong immune systems especially to get the influenza vaccination, because their ability to fight the flu and not have it will decrease transmission".



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