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Celebrities freak out over SpaceX rocket launch

24 December, 2017, 02:48 | Author: Kristen Ingram
  • Was There A UFO In LA? SpaceX Launched Falcon 9 Rocket & All Of Twitter Freaked Out David McNew  Getty Images News  Getty Images

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket lifts off in the air, as seen from Santa Monica, Calif., Dec. 22, 2017.

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base on December 22, 2017. It created a shining, billowing streak visible to many people across southern California, even as far away as Phoenix, Arizona, reported The Guardian.

Many people pulled their cars over to take photos and videos of the sight. "All 10 of Iridium NEXT satellites have deployed right on time in the desired orbit", John Insprucker, Falcon 9's principal integration engineer, said in a webcast. This time, the rocket was allowed to plunge into the water. The reused SpaceX rocket has carried 10 satellites into space from California, leaving behind it a trail of mystery and wonder.

It was the 18th and final launch of 2017 for SpaceX, which has contracted to replace Iridium's system with 75 updated satellites.

The Falcon 9 rocket carrying the satellites launched at about 5:30 p.m. from Vandenberg.

A mysterious white light that appeared over Southern California skies during the Friday evening rush hour, prompting curiosity and questions from the many onlookers who observed it, was from a SpaceX rocket launch, authorities confirmed.

In June, the Falcon 9's first stage was used to send 10 satellites for Iridium Communications Inc.'s next-generation global satellite constellation, Iridium NEXT, which will ultimately include 81 satellites.



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