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Crytek sues Star Citizen studio in tangled lawsuit

14 December, 2017, 18:14 | Author: Kristen Ingram
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Now Crytek, the company in control of CryEngine, is attempting to sue the studios working on Star Citizen over their use of CryEngine 3. You can head over to DSOG and read the list of complaints against the companies, but what is odd is that those games no longer use the Crytek engine, but Crytek is arguing that it is being rebuffed after considerable investments for the project.

Another point Crytek raise in their complaint is that, negotiating against Crytek was Ortwin Freyermuth, Cloud Imperium Games' co-founder.

As reported by PCGamesN, the court documents were filed on Tuesday, with Crytek claiming that the makers of Star Citizen and their wrong-doings "have caused substantial harm to Crytek".

One of the complaints is that Cloud Imperium Games is using Lumberyard from Amazon, based on CryEngine. CIG also goes on to say it will not only "defend vigorously" against the claims, but it will also attempt to recover any costs that are a result of the lawsuit.

So goes the statement from CIG, who has indeed switched engines. There are three equally entertaining outcomes to the investment: the single-player Squadron 42 and its much more ambitious counterpart will either one day release, and be an absolute revelation of PC gaming supremacy; it will be at best the most mediocre, and therefore, terrible, game ever made; or it will never, ever see the light of day as a complete product.

The lawsuit details that CSI "improperly removed" the CryEngine logo from the game's initial loading and that both CSI and Roberts Space Industries (RSI) failed to disclose modifications to the engine as per the original agreement.

Crytek say they told CIG and RSI back in February 5, 2016 that they were not allowed to distribute Squadron 42 as a standalone game.

This agreement stated that CIG had promised to use CryEngine exclusively for the game's development, to collaborate with Crytek on CryEngine development, and protect Crytek's IP. Star Citizen is still in development. Crytek says that since both use the same code, that constitutes using the engine twice and represents a further breach of contract.

Crytek's lawsuit alleges breach of contract and copyright infringement, and seeks direct damages that it believes "substantially" exceed $75,000, along with the usual blend of punitive damages, disgorgements, and injunctions. RSI and CIG neglected to do this, with Crytek saying that this was part of the discount-rate on the license fee: the amount of promotion there was potential for.


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