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May to pledge extra £44m for the Channel border

21 January, 2018, 00:37 | Author: Kristen Ingram
  • Macron's slogan is visible in the crowd – translated it means

- Other bilateral accords followed in 2009, 2010 and 2014 that laid out that Britain would finance and control security of the border checkpoint sites in France.

"The choice is on the British side, not on my side", Macron said at a joint news conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May. May at Sandhurst Military Academy on Thursday, warning Britain "can have no differentiated access to financial services" post-Brexit.

The juxtaposition shows how little leverage May has - and how much she needs Macron to soften his line on Brexit.

Under pressure from Britain, France razed the so-called "Jungle" - a squalid mass encampment of some 10,000 people - near Calais in 2016.

French President #emmanuel macron is expected to announce the decision on Thursday as part of his visit to the UK.

"You can hear sometimes French officials say that, yes there is an EU army, and it's French.' So, there is this sense that the other Europeans need to step up, that all this responsibility can't just be on France". Macron was greeted at Sandhurst troops from the Coldstream Guards in gray coats and bearskin hats.

Amid a sudden hailstorm, Macron and May inspected the troops before taking a salute from soldiers on horseback.

Calais has always been a sore point in French-British relations, and Macron on Wednesday called for better cooperation in managing the border with Britain ahead of his first trip to London as president.

But hundreds of people continue to camp out in Calais, hoping to stow away on trucks heading to Britain, a destination seen as an El Dorado by some migrants from Afghanistan and East Africa.

On top of the deal, Britain is also thought to be prepared to take in more migrant children from Calais, according to the BBC.

"We will have a smarter and more efficient management of the joint border", he said.

France has led efforts to fight al-Qaeda and IS-linked jihadi groups in the vast region south of the Sahara desert.

Overnight, the United Kingdom government announced it is to send helicopters to support French operations in Africa as well as providing £50 million ($69 million) of humanitarian aid to some African countries.

"And our two countries also enjoy deep economic ties, sharing £71 billion in trade, making France the UK's third-largest trading partner".

During the contentious French presidential campaign of 2017, Macron vowed to renegotiate the agreement. He also wants a common European defence budget and security doctrine.

France in turn has agreed to commit troops to the British-led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation battle group in Estonia in 2019.

It is Macron's first visit to Britain since assuming office in May past year.

The letter calls on the French and British Governments to go further to tackle a number of hidden issues at the border.

Earlier this week, Mr Macron said he would not allow the shantytown to reappear in the city, but he did criticise the Dublin rules, calling instead for an "integrated" European Union system that would not force refugees to seek asylum in the first country they arrived in.



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