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Plastic trash linked to disease in corals, says study

27 January, 2018, 20:24 | Author: Kristen Ingram
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      Plastic wraps around a spawning coral.      Credit Lalita Putchim

An global research group led by Cornell University has found that plastic trash - ubiquitous throughout the world's oceans - intensifies disease for coral, adding to reef peril, according to a new study in the journal Science, Jan. 26.

"Any compromise like that is going to make creatures more susceptible to the risks of other diseases". The presence of plastics seemed especially to aggravate some common coral afflictions, such as skeletal eroding band disease.

26 de enero de 2018, 00:16Canberra, Jan 26 (Prensa Latina) Scientists from an worldwide team warned in a study published today that the contact of corals with plastic waste increases the chances of these organisms contracting diseases.

Scientists are still uncertain why plastics are so risky for coral but saw how the exposure to plastics caused the organisms stress through light deprivation, toxin release and the absence of oxygen. Though the study looked at more than a hundred reefs located throughout Asia-Pacific, the same effects may exist on reefs located elsewhere in the world.

Climate change isn't the only culprit responsible for damaging the oceans' corals.

Co-authors of the paper, "Plastic Waste Associated with Disease on Coral Reefs", include Evan Fiorenza '17, now a graduate student at the University of Washington; Courtney Couch, Ph.D. The scholar argued that this indicator is equivalent to 15.7 billion in all coral reefs of Asia Pacific by 2025. They visually examined approximately 125,000 corals, checking for tissue loss and lesions.

That was a pretty nice gig in places like Australia's Great Barrier reef that were relatively pristine except for the occasional snagged fishing line, recalled Lisa Kelly, a Canadian from Chapeau, Que.

Coral reefs are productive habitats in the middle of nutrient-poor waters, Harvell said.

Levels of contamination were highest in Indonesia, with about 26 bits of plastic per 1,076 square feet, while Australia, which has stricter waste controls, had the least pollution.

"We estimate there are 11.1 billion plastic items on coral reefs across the Asia-Pacific and forecast this to increase by 40% within seven years". Scientists have found that plastic waste is a big contributor too.

"That horrified me", Lamb recalled.

Based on other studies, the researchers think there are a couple of ways the plastic could be causing disease.

It may also create a comfortable environment for bacteria and bring them in with the corals, Kelly said.

Plastic debris is littered on the beach in a village in Myanmar.

They are vital to fisheries and coastal management and are now at risk due to global warming, which boosts diseases and can cause coral to bleach and die. This puts an additional stress on corals, which are already severely suffering from rising temperatures. Even worse, bacteria adds weight to pieces of plastic, making them more likely to fall to the seafloor and land on a reef.

It prompted her to take steps like replacing the plastic bags that line the wastebaskets at home with bags made of potato starch. "Massive amounts of plastic are being thrown into the oceans from land", Harvell says, in countries that don't have much recycling and with dumps that are often adjacent to the ocean or waterways that run into the ocean.

Kelly said she no longer uses plastic straws and shopping bags.



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